Safety filter on Orkut

We're constantly working to keep Orkut clean and beautiful. By default the safety filter is on for all Orkut users, showing only profiles and communities that have been screened for potentially inappropriate images or text. By enabling the safety filter:

  • Potentially offensive communities and profiles will be hidden from your search results.
  • The pictures of potentially offensive profiles and communities will not shown in your community and friend lists - instead you will see a special icon.
  • A warning message will be displayed before you access these profiles and communities.

We will mark profiles and communities as unsafe if they have content that is mature in nature, but doesn't violate our Content Policy. Note that your profile doesn't get deleted if it's marked as "unsafe" - it just becomes hard to access for some users.

If your profile was wrongly marked as "unsafe", you can try to unlock it via a identity verification.

Keep in mind that no filter is 100% accurate, but the safety filter should block most inappropriate content.