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Add a banner to your website

As communities around the world respond to COVID-19, this time can present unique challenges for your business. You can use Optimize to help keep your customers informed about changes to your normal business hours, services offered, shipping policies, and more.

Below are some considerations as you update your website and adapt to dynamic market conditions.

Add a banner message

You can add a banner message at the top of your website with an important update to your customers.

Add a banner to your website with Optimize (screenshot)

You can select which pages of your site the banner should be shown; for example, you can show a banner on only the homepage or on every page of your site. You can also customize the color, size, and text of the banner.

You can also set a different message based on the location of the visitor, you can do that as well. For example, you’re a clothing retailer based in San Francisco, CA and your offer expedited shipping to customers located in the city. You can display a custom banner that's only shown to website visitors in San Francisco. For users located elsewhere you can display a banner with your standard shipping times.

Temporarily update your site

You may need to make changes to your business during this time. For example, you can inform your customers if your restaurant closes its dining room and pivots to takeout and delivery. Rapid website updates are easy with the Optimize visual editor. Simply create a personalization to modify your homepage graphic or change your business hours and services.

Optimize allows you to add a banner and make timely updates to your site without having to edit the HTML code or involve your web team. As your business needs change, you can change or end a personalization in Optimize with just a few clicks.

Some considerations as you make changes to your site:

  • Use simple, brief language. Focus on the information first, be brief and to the point.
  • Clearly tell customers how they can make a purchase. If you’re a restaurant accepting to-go orders, clearly display your phone number on your homepage. If you’re a clothing retailer and offering free shipping, clearly display that on your homepage and product pages.
  • Communicate possible wait times or delays at this time. Let customers know you’ll need more time to get back to them or that items from your facility may take longer to get to them.
  • Share an updated return or cancellation policy. Clearly display your return or cancellation policy on your product details page so customers know what options are available to them if things change.
  • Communicate precautionary measures. If you’ve enhanced your cleaning procedures at your restaurant or packaging facility, let your customers know.
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