Manage your container size

Each Optimize container is allocated capacity to run your experiences. Only actively running experiences are included in this capacity so it will naturally fluctuate as experiences start and end. As usage reaches certain thresholds, you may see capacity information appear in the information panel on the right side of the container page.

Optimize Container setup panel screenshot.

We noticed a very small number of users encountering capacity limits so we created a feature showing capacity as you start to approach the limit. Note container capacity is only updated when an experience is manually started or ended.

Free up capacity

Once full capacity is reached you won’t be able to start new experiences. To resolve capacity issues, try the following:

  • Start new experiences with less changes or variants.
  • End running experiences before starting new ones.
  • Use different containers across different parts of your site (also helpful for limiting who can run experiences across different parts of the site).
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