Best practices for the homepage

Best practices and a heuristic evaluation can shorten your path to great test results. See our test suggestions for the homepage here.

Win on Mobile: Testing proposition value


A/B testing suggestions for the homepage

1. A/B test placing value propositions above the fold

The Nielsen Norman Group has conducted several studies on the importance of the area above the fold, due to visitors' limited willingness to scroll. 2010, they found that 80% of the viewing time was spent above the fold. 2018, the results changed to 57%, but 74% of the viewing time was spent in the first two screenfuls so the attention was still primarily given to the upper part of the page in this manner:

Nielsen Norman Group study of above the fold

Thereby, visitors might be scrolling more nowadays than 2010, but the first screen above the fold is still where you should place your most important content and call to action. (Note: The studies were conducted on desktop screens.)

To do this, test placing offers and discounts above the fold to gauge customer behavior. Try different types of messaging to see what works best.

By reducing purchase anxiety quickly you can decrease bounce rates and increase conversion rates. Nearly 70% of all online shopping carts are abandoned and high shipping costs are stated as the number one reason. Therefor, try offering free delivery in your value proposition. 

A/B test value proposition above the fold


Success story

TUI in the Nordics managed to increase mobile conversion rates with 8% by placing a value proposition above the fold. 

(Test not performed with Google Optimize.)

TUI case showing value proposition above the fold


2. A/B test reiterating value proposition throughout the funnel

One way of increasing the effect of a value proposition is to not limit the test to only the homepage. Reiterate the value proposition across the funnel, by stating it on the homepage, category page, product page and checkout. Remember that many visitors will be entering your site through a product page, so by repeating the value proposition here as well you introduce what you offer and can increase conversions.

A/B test value proposition across funnel


3. A/B test placing top categories on the homepage

The homepage is often focused on campaigns instead of findability. Test adding popular categories at the upper part of the page so consumers on the go quickly can find what they need.

Learn more about clarity and findability in the section navigation.

A/B test top categories on homepage


4. A/B test reducing distraction

If a visitor is bombarded with chat-bots, newsletter subscriptions and or prompts to share on social media, they will become distracted from the primary purpose – the purchase. Tough decisions have to be made. Decide what your primary goals are and adapt your pages to help consumers find what they want.

If you want more conversions, don’t distract your visitors from that goals.

  • Remove pop-ups
  • Make sure chat boxes don’t get in the way
  • Have a clear hierarchy in place that helps visitors to focus on finding and purchasing

Design with reduced distraction



Next step

See the heuristic evaluation of the navigation.



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