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Some key terms to help you get the most out of Optimize.

Experiences are website customizations made to achieve a desired goal. These customizations can be simple (e.g. a new Call To Action (CTA), or a larger thumbnail photo) or complex (e.g. multivariate and redirect tests)

A common goal for website publishers is to produce better user experiences. Better user experiences increase brand trust, which creates loyal customers, which increases sales. Another common goal is to create personalized experiences that increase loyalty, stickiness and average cart size.

In Optimize, experiences can be tests (e.g. A/B, redirect, or MVT), personalizations, or banners.


A test consists of variants of your web page that you wish to measure against your original page to determine which is most effective at achieving your objective. Examples include A/B, redirect, and multivariate tests. Tests are measured based on the objective(s) you specify and can run for a maximum of 90 days.


Personalizations are a set of changes that you can target to a specific set of users. Unlike tests, personalizations can run forever and do not have variants - you have one set of changes that are shown to everyone who meets the targeting conditions.


Banners are important information placed along the top of your site. You can choose to display the banner along the top of all pages or certain pages, such as providing different messages based on the location of the visitor.

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