Personalization reports

Enabling measurement in an Optimize experience allows you to view your results in both Optimize and Google Analytics reports. This article will show you where to find your personalization reports, and how to analyze the data.

Measurement option

When you create or edit an Optimize experience you'll see a checkbox (unchecked by default) that allows you to view reports in both Optimize and in Google Analytics by sending additional hits.

Measurement checkbox to send additional hits.

When you check this box Optimize sends non-interactive event hits to Google Analytics with each experiment hit which may result in increased charges for some Optimize 360 clients. Please chat with your account manager for more information.

Permission requirements

You need Read & Analyze (or higher) permission for the Google Analytics view that a container is linked to in order to view the Optimize Reporting tab.

Optimize personalization permission requirements.

Learn more about Google Analytics permissions.

Personalization reports

To access your personalization reports:

  1. Log into your Optimize account.
  2. Click on the Account and Container that you wish to view.
  3. Click next to any running or ended personalization.

Optimize running personalization list with chart icon for reports.

Analyze personalization reports

When you start a personalization and enable measurement, Optimize captures the session data and displays it on the REPORTING tab of a personalization. Google Analytics users can use any of its reporting features, including event reports and segments, to further analyze their personalizations.

Optimize personalization report

Learn more about how to view Optimize data in Google Analytics.

Event tracking

The following event tracking fields are populated by Optimize:

Get started with events in the Analytics help center.

Implement event tracking with analytics.js on Google developers.

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