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Personalization overview

Each visitor is unique and engagement increases when you create personalized experiences. This article is an overview of personalization in Optimize.

About Optimize

Optimize enables you to run website experiments to determine what converts best with your visitors. Once you discover what's relevant to their interests – and what's most likely to achieve your objectives – Optimize can serve personalized experiences that promote engagement and improve conversions.

Optimize allows you to:

  • Test a hypothesis by running website experiments.
  • Deploy the leading variant permanently.
  • Personalize your website to create the best experience for your visitors.

Create experiences for your visitors

As a website owner your goal is typically to increase revenue in a sustainable way. In order to unlock the lifetime value of a customer you need to build a strong relationship with them. A powerful way to engage with visitors is to personalize your website experience to their needs. For example, promoting seasonal clothing based on your visitor's geography or offering free shipping to your best customers. Personalization can help your visitors quickly find what they're looking for and build loyalty.

Start with experiments

Not sure what to personalize? That's where experiments come in. If you have a theory about why visitors are bouncing from your landing page more quickly than normal or why customers are falling out of your funnel on the shipping page, test it!

Create an A/B, redirect, or multivariate test using Optimize's visual editor and find out if your hypothesis is correct. Once your website includes the Optimize snippet, you can create an experiment in a manner of minutes.

Advanced mode
Developers that want to deploy complex treatments to their pages can use the Optimize API to expand their testing repertoire.

Learn more about types of experiments and the Optimize server-side API.

Personalize your website

Once you've found a leader in an experiment, you can deploy it to all of your visitors permanently, or use Optimize's powerful targeting capabilities to tailor your website to a specific group of visitors.

A personalization is a set of changes made to your website for a specific group of visitors. Unlike experiments, personalizations can run forever and don't have variants. They're a single set of changes served to anyone who meets the targeting conditions.

Learn how to create a personalization.

Quick start

Ready to jump start your personalization practice? It's easy: set up Optimize, tag your website, and create an A/B test or personalization. Looking for inspiration? Check out some examples.

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