Container settings

Manage email notifications, users, and accounts for containers.

Optimize container settings allow you control email notifications, users, and accounts for each container that you have access to. Container settings are separate from your user and account settings.

Access container settings

To access your Optimize container settings:

  1. Navigate to your Optimize accounts page.
  2. Click on a container.
  3. In the Container setup panel, click More More next to Container information.
  4. Select a container setting to edit:
    1. Edit container name
    2. Manage notifications
    3. Manage users
    4. Manage accounts

Container settings menu screenshot

Edit container name

This field allows you to change the name of an Optimize container. There is a 255 character maximum, and accepted characters include letters (a–z, A–Z), numbers (0–9), period (.), comma (,), single quote ('), double quote ("), dash (-), and em dash (–).

Admin permission to the container is required to edit a container name.

Manage email notifications (beta)

Optimize can send email notifications when specific milestones in the testing process occur. Email notifications can be helpful for keeping stakeholders informed about the lifecycle of an experiment and for troubleshooting purposes.

When you opt into email notifications, Optimize will send an email notification when an experiment is started, scheduled, canceled and ended. Optimize will also send an email if your experiment isn't receiving traffic, when it has new results, and when it's coming to an end.

Email notification options include:

  1. None – Completely opt out of all experiment notifications for this container.
  2. All experiments in this container – Receive emails for all experiments in this container, including this created in the future.
  3. Custom – Pick which experiments you'd like notifications for.

Email notification settings screenshot

In addition to the Custom options (above), you can manage email notifications on a per experiment basis by sliding the Email notifications toggle in the Experiment information panel.

Email notifications slider setting screenshot

Manage users

The Manage users setting allows you to review and control who has access to an Optimize container. Use the picker in the upper-left to switch between users of the current container, and all users.

Add a user to the container by clicking INVITE USER.

Click on a user's name to view or edit their user details, including their account and container roles. You can also delete user from the container if you have the correct permission.

Learn more about roles and permissions in Optimize.

Manage accounts

Clicking Manage accounts returns you to your Optimize accounts page.

Learn more about Optimize accounts, containers, and experiments.

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