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Optimize, the help center, and Terms of Service are available in several languages.

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Google Account language setting

If you select a Google Account display language from the list of Product languages below, the Optimize user interface will be displayed in that language. You can also select your preferred language directly in Optimize.

Learn more about changing the display language in Google Accounts help.

Product languages

Optimize is available in the following languages:

  • Bulgarian [bg]
  • Catalan [ca]
  • Chinese (Simplified) [zh-CN]
  • Chinese (Traditional) [zh-TW]
  • Croatian [hr]
  • Czech [cs]
  • Danish [da]
  • Dutch [nl]
  • English (American) [en-US]
  • English (British) [en-GB]
  • Filipino [fil]
  • Finnish [fi]
  • French [fr]
  • German [de]
  • Greek [el]
  • Hindi [hi]
  • Hungarian [hu]
  • Indonesian [id]
  • Italian [it]
  • Japanese [ja]
  • Korean [ko]
  • Latvian [lv]
  • Lithuanian [lt]
  • Norwegian [no]
  • Polish [pl]
  • Portuguese (Brazil) [pt-BR]
  • Portuguese (Portugal) [pt-PT]
  • Romanian [ro]
  • Russian [ru]
  • Serbian (Cyrillic) [sr]
  • Slovak [sk]
  • Slovenian [sl]
  • Spanish [es]
  • Swedish [sv]
  • Thai [th]
  • Turkish [tr]
  • Ukrainian [uk]
  • Vietnamese [vi]

To select or change your preferred language in Optimize:

  1. Select More (More) on the right of the app bar.
  2. Choose User settings.
  3. Select a Language from the list.
  4. Select SAVE.

Optimize language setting

Help center languages

The Optimize help center is available in the following languages:

  • English [en]
  • Dutch [nl]
  • French [fr]
  • German [de]
  • Hindi [hi]
  • Indonesian [id]
  • Italian [it]
  • Japanese [ja]
  • Korean [ko]
  • Portuguese (Brazil) [pt-BR]
  • Spanish [es]

To select or change your preferred language in the Optimize help center, select the language drop-down list in the footer of every help center article: 

Help center language picker screenshot.

Terms of Service languages

The Optimize Terms of Service is available in the following languages:

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