Link Optimize to AdWords

Connect your Optimize container to AdWords.

This article will help you configure the AdWords integration in Optimize.

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You must have an Optimize account that's linked to Analytics and deployed on your website to use the AdWords integration for Optimize. Learn more.


What if you could test changes to landing pages and discover new layouts or messaging that dramatically improves performance of your AdWords campaigns? The Optimize integration with Google AdWords enables you to target experiments based on AdWords accounts, campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. This allows you to create and deploy experiments to find changes to your landing pages that improve business outcomes.

Supported campaign types

The Optimize-AdWords integration supports search and shopping campaigns. It supports Search Network with Display select, but only the search traffic from those campaigns (display traffic is excluded). Support for additional campaign types will be added in the future.


Here's what you need to use the AdWords integration with Optimize:

  1. An AdWords account linked to Analytics. Learn more.
  2. An AdWords account linked to Optimize. Learn more.
  3. An Optimize container linked to Analytics. Learn more.

When the above steps are complete, you're ready to target Optimize experiments at ads and keywords from AdWords.

Step 1: Link AdWords to Analytics

The first step is to link AdWords and Analytics to enable data flow between the products. This link can be created in either AdWords or Analytics.

Learn more about linking Analytics to AdWords in the Analytics help center.

Step 2: Enable AdWords for use with Optimize

Currently, you can only link AdWords to Optimize in the previous AdWords experience. Determine which AdWords experience you’re in, and if necessary, switch to the previous AdWords experience before following the steps below.

Once AdWords and Analytics are linked, you're ready to link AdWords to Optimize:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Click settings (Settings) then Linked accounts.
  3. Click Google Analytics.
  4. Turn ON Enable Google Optimize account linking.

In order to enable AdWords for use within Optimize, you only need Administrative access to AdWords. You don't need access to Optimize itself. However, to target AdWords objects with Optimize, you need the following access:

  1. Read-only access to the linked AdWords account.
  2. Edit permission to the Optimize container – to create targeting rules.
  3. Read permission to the Optimize container – to view existing targeting rules.

Learn more about linking to Optimize in the AdWords help center.


  • Auto-tagging must be enabled for Optimize experiments to receive AdWords-targeted sessions.
  • Linking to an AdWords manager account (formerly My Client Center or MCC) will not propagate to child accounts.

Step 3: Link Optimize to Analytics

The final step is to verify that your Optimize container is linked to the same Analytics property that you linked to from AdWords in Step 1. This is usually done when setting up an Optimize container.

Learn more about linking Optimize to Analytics.

Target AdWords objects in an experiment

Once you’ve confirmed that your Optimize container is linked to the correct Analytics property, it’s time to experiment!

Learn more about targeting AdWords in Optimize.

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