Google Ads best practices

In order to remain in compliance with Google Ads policies, there are some best practices that you should follow when creating Optimize experiments. Advertisers are ultimately responsible for advertising within Google Ads policies, regardless of the tools they use.


It's possible to inadvertently configure Optimize experiments that violate Google Ads policies. This same risk exists when using other tools for A/B experiments, redirect tests, and per-user customization. This article provides best practices to keep your experiments Google Ads policy compliant and prevent inadvertent policy violations.

Best practices for redirect tests

Redirect tests that run on Google Ads landing pages should not redirect to another domain.


If your Google Ads ad displays in the landing page URL, you shouldn’t redirect users to a page on in your test.

Google Ads policy requires that you pass through the configured Final URL, but then you’re free to redirect off of it as long as you stay on the same domain in subsequent redirects.

As long as a user hits in the redirect path of every ad click, you only need to enter in your Google Ads configuration – even if that page conditionally redirects to or

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