Variant weighting

Manage the proportion of traffic that goes to each variant.

Edit variant weights

All variants are weighted equally by default in Optimize. A visitor who is included in your experiment has an equal chance of seeing any of your variants. If you want more (or less) traffic to go a specific variant, you can adjust the weighting of visitors to target.

To edit the weight of your variants:

  1. Click EDIT, next to the weight distribution bar.
  2. Enter values for each variant as a percentage (up to one decimal place).
  3. Click DONE.

Click RESET TO EQUAL to rebalance the weighting equally among your variants.

All of your variant weights must total 100 percent. If they don’t, you’ll see a red warning message. Simply adjust the weights so that they total 100 percent, or click FIX IT, which will adjust your current values to total 100 percent.

100% weighting

If you want to direct all your new users to a variant after Optimize has selected a leader, you can do so using variant weighting. This allows you to benefit from the value of a variant immediately without requiring development resources.

You can direct all new users to a variant by allocating 100 percent of your traffic to it. Then, enter zero ("0") in the weight fields (%) of your original and any other variants that you created.

While 100% weighting allows you to deploy a leader immediately, it isn't intended to be permanent.


  • Optimize experiments expire 90 days after their start date.
  • Users previously assigned to a specific variant will continue to see that variant even after setting a variant weight to 100 percent.
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