Real-time active users

See live traffic on your experiment variations.

Optimize’s real-time active users allows you to see live traffic on your experiments. Real-time active user allow you to confirm that your experiments are properly deployed and monitor experiment activity.

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How it works

Instead of wondering about the amount of activity on your variants, you can see your active users in Optimize. Real-time active users allows you to monitor activity on your variants and acts as an early warning system to alert you if something isn’t set up correctly.

The Active users column is constantly updated to show how many visitors have been exposed to the experience in the last five minutes. A counted user sessions times out and considered to be ended if there is 30 minutes of inactivity.

There are two locations where real-time active users are visible, on the Container page and on the Experiment details page.

Container page

After signing in to Optimize, click on one of your containers to see a list of your experiments. On that list, look for the Active users column to determine if your variants are running as expected.

Active users as seen on the Optimize 360 container page.
Active users as seen on the Optimize container page.

Experiment details page

In addition to the Container page, you can also see your current Active users on any Experiment detail page. Click on an experiment from the Container page, then click the DETAILS tab at the top.

Active users on an experiment detail page.
Active users on the experiment detail page.
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