Audience targeting

Use Google Analytics audiences to target Optimize experiences

Optimize lets you target experiments at Google Analytics audiences, enabling you to focus your experiment on a group of users who exhibit specific behaviors on your site.

This feature is available to all Optimize customers who link to a Google Analytics 4 property and Optimize 360 customers who link to a Universal Analytics property.

When to use Audience targeting

Audience targeting is useful for targeting high-value customers with special offers and incentives or loyal customers with an email signup. You can target users interested in a specific product category to see if a customized home page increases conversions. You can also create Audiences in Google Analytics for users who have converted recently, who convert frequently, or who spend a lot of time on your website, and then target them from within Optimize.


You must have one of the following:

You also need:

Target Analytics audiences

  1. Create an experiment and a variant in Optimize.
  2. Go to the experiment detail page.
  3. In the Targeting and variants section, click Add variant and enter a name for the variant.
  4. Click + Add URL rule under Page targeting.
  5. Add the URL that you wish to experiment on and then click Add.
  6. Optional: Click + Add URL rule to add another rule.
  7. Click Customize under Audience targeting.
  8. Click Google Analytics audiences from the rule panel.
  9. Select one or more Analytics audiences and then click Add.
  10. Complete the remaining fields and then start your experiment.

Audiences are pre-populated

When you create an Audience, Analytics populates it with up to ten days of data so you can use it right away. If you have fewer than ten days of data available, then Analytics uses the data you have.

Membership duration

When targeting Analytics Audiences, keep in mind that Audiences have a shelf life that is controlled by the membership duration that is set in Analytics. These are the important parts:

  • Membership duration is the amount of time that a given Analytics cookie remains in an Audience.
  • Cookies added to an Audience are removed n days after they are added, typically 30.
  • Audiences default to 30 days when created in Analytics.

Additional considerations

Here a few things to keep in mind when targeting Audiences in Optimize:

  • Analytics Audiences include any view filters that have been applied. View filters do not affect any other targeting filters.
  • Audiences are based on your first-party Analytics data. The integration does not require enabling Remarketing or Advertiser Features in Analytics.
  • Editor role for the Analytics property is required to share an audience to Optimize.
  • Audiences shared with Optimize cannot contain Demographics and Interests data. Learn more about Google Audience data.
  • Audiences created in a User ID enabled view are not supported at this time.
  • Lifetime value of a customer is calculated based on the most recent 90 days. Learn more.

Quick Tips: Using Google Analytics Audiences in Optimize

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