Using Google Analytics Audiences in Optimize 360

This feature is only available in Google Optimize 360, part of Google Marketing Platform.
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To target Optimize experiments at Google Analytics Audiences you need:

Targeting Analytics Audiences

You can target Optimize experiments at Analytics audiences by following these steps:

  1. Create an Optimize experiment and a variation.
  2. In Targeting, click +Create Rule, then click URLs.
  3. Add the URL that you wish to experiment on, then click ADD.
  4. Click AND to add another rule.
  5. Click Google Analytics audiences from the rules panel.
  6. Select an Analytics audience or multiple using the "or" operator
  7. Click SAVE.
  8. Start your experiment.

Choose an Analytics audience to target

Target customers who spent over $500
Create an Audience in Google Analytics (e.g.: Revenue >$500) then select it under Audience targeting in Optimize.

Additional considerations

Some things to keep in mind when targeting Analytics Audiences:

  • A user must first visit your website to be included in an Analytics Audience. Depending on your experiment configuration, this may influence your targeting criteria.
  • Audiences are based on your first-party Analytics data and don't require enabling Remarketing or Advertiser Features in Analytics.
  • Audiences shared with Optimize cannot contain Google Audience data.
  • Audiences created in User ID-enabled views aren't supported.
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