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Export your Optimize report data

Note: The export function is only available for experiments, personalizations aren't supported.


This article is for customers wishing to conduct their own analysis of Google Optimize reporting data after an experiment has ended. In addition to viewing your results in Optimize and in Google Analytics, you can also click the download button [] to export your data as a comma separated value (CSV) file. This will download Analytics data corresponding to your Optimize report.

Optimize report export button


Exporting your Optimize reporting data as a CSV file unlocks several useful features:

  1. Access to raw Optimize reporting data.
  2. Access to the underlying Analytics data by day, without using Google Analytics.
  3. Analyze and visualize your reporting data in any tool.

How to export your data

To export your ended experiment data as a CSV file, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Reporting tab of an ended experiment.
  2. Click the download [].
  3. Select an option from the drop-down menu.
    1. Optimize report – Downloads a CSV file of Optimize's analysis of your variants, including: Probability to be Best, Probability to beat Original, Modeled Conversion Rate, Modeled Improvement, and the observed Google Analytics data based on your Optimize objective (e.g. revenue for merchants or pageviews for publishers).
    2. Analytics data – Downloads a CSV file of the daily Google Analytics data for each of your variants, including: Experiment Sessions and objectives (e.g. revenue for merchants or pageviews for publishers).

Optimize CSV export options

The downloaded CSV file is named based on your Optimize objective and a time stamp.

Additional considerations

  • The export function only works with experiments, personalizations aren't supported.
  • Optimize uses a snapshot of your Google Analytics data when processing results. Sessions arriving between when the last snapshot was taken and the end of the experiment aren't included. Analytics data downloaded from the Optimize reporting tab is the most recent snapshot of that data.
  • We don't recommend exporting data while your experiment is running; it won't match your Analytics data due to the snapshotting window mentioned above.
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