🔥 Hotjar + Optimize: new behavioral insights on your experiences

12 August 2020

Optimize+hotjar logosOptimize now gives third-party CRO and analytics tools the power to associate their data with a specific Optimize experience.

If you use a heatmap service, for example, you can identify Optimize variants in your session recordings, unlocking new insight about visitor behavior while in the experience. The first third-party developer to leverage our expanded JavaScript API is Hotjar, a leading provider of heatmaps and session recordings.

Publishers have always been able to tell Hotjar which visitor sessions to record, however this integration makes it even easier. Hotjar can now automatically detect if a visitor is also in an Optimize experience, then annotate the recording with Optimize experience IDs. Publishers can then filter by Optimize experience and analyze those recordings on Hotjar.com.

These changes to the Optimize JavaScript API allow third-party developers to create URLs that link directly to a specific Optimize experience or variant, making it easier to access a detailed Optimize report in one click.

The following fields are available in the Optimize JavaScript API:

  • containerId
  • combination (e.g. variant)
  • experimentId

Learn more about the Optimize Javascript API for third parties.

Learn more about how to integrate with Optimize on Hotjar.com.

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