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    ✅ Install Optimize even easier
    February 15, 2019
    Did you know that it's now easier than ever to install Optimize? Start with this primer if you're just getting started, it has everything you need to tag your site with Optimize. If you already use Google Analytics or the global site tag (gtag.js) start here, and if you use Google Tag Manager start here. After you've installed Optimize, head over to our first time user guide to get your first experience running quickly.  Stay Optimistic!
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    ✨ Optimized for speed
    January 17, 2019
    A new, redesigned Optimize is now available. Both novice and advanced users will appreciate the new Optimize interface. We simplified, shortened, and streamlined creating experiences so that everything can be done on one page! The streamlined experience page now includes a visual step-by-step guide that helps you create a test or personalization. Plus, we’ve organized the steps in a clear, linear layout – reducing the number of tabs you need to interact with. It's also easier than ever to link Optimize to Google Analytics, allowing you to select the goals and metrics you want to optimize your experience for. More information – including step-by-step instructions – can be found in the new Optimize first-time user guide. Stay Optimistic!
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    📱 App and mobile experiments
    December 7, 2018
    Optimize gone mobile. The world's gone mobile, and Optimize has gone mobile with it. In fact, Optimize is the engine that powers Firebase A/B testing, our comprehensive mobile development platform. Firebase enables app and game developers to test UI changes, new features, and discover which campaigns improve key metrics (like revenue) before you roll them out widely. Learn more about Firebase A/B testing (blog post) and Firebase Remote Config – and stay Optimistic!
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    🎂 Announcing Announcements! 🎉
    November 9, 2018
    Welcome to Optimize Announcements! Announcements are a new way to share what we're working on in a familiar place. You probably already use the Optimize help center to find answers to your questions, and now you'll be able to use Announcements to discover new Optimize features and documentation. We'll also use Announcements to surface key updates, and provide you with a one-stop-shop for the latest Optimize content.  Come back often and stay Optimistic!    
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