Receipt scanning overview

An introduction to receipt scanning in Google Opinion Rewards for Android.

What it is

Receipt scanning is a new opt-in feature within the Google Opinion Rewards (GOR) app for Android. It allows you to more easily upload your receipts from in-store purchases to receive additional rewards.

What's new

Users have been volunteering to upload their receipts in exchange for rewards via in-app surveys since 2016. Now it's even easier to upload your receipts via our new user interface.


Note: only a limited number of users are selected to join the program.

  1. Activated Opinion Rewards account.
  2. Accept our invitation (select users will be invited).
  3. Android only.
  4. Location history must be enabled on your account.

How it works

Once you've been accepted into the Receipt scanning program, your Opinion Rewards home screen will include a new Receipt tasks card under My Tasks.

Upload a receipt

To add a receipt:

  1. Open Google Opinion Rewards app (Android).
  2. Tap Receipt tasks or View all (Figure 1).
  3. On the Receipts home screen, tap Upload receipt (Figure 2).
  4. Select how you’d like to upload your receipt (Figure 3).
  5. Get paid!

The Google Opinion Rewards home screen.

Figure 1: The Google Opinion Rewards home screen.

The Opinion Rewards Receipts screen.

Figure 2: The Opinion Rewards Receipts screen.

Opinion Rewards: Options for uploading a receipt.

Figure 3: Options for uploading a receipt.

Other responses to a receipt task

If a receipt task isn't relevant to you or you don’t want to upload a receipt, tap More More on the task, then select one of these options:

  • I didn’t visit this store
  • I visited but didn’t make a purchase
  • I purchased but don’t have a receipt
  • Skip this task

Completing these quick surveys helps train our models and improve the experience for all users.

Opinion Rewards: Responding to a receipt task when you don’t have a receipt.

Figure 4: Responding to a receipt task when you don’t have a receipt.

Access and delete receipts

Managing your Opinion Rewards receipt data is easy. You can access and delete your receipts data in Google Receipt Manager at any time.

Note: You can access and delete your Opinion Rewards receipts data via the Google Receipt Manager even if you have opted-out of Receipt scanning, uninstalled, or deleted your Opinion Rewards account. Any uploaded image that is not a receipt is deleted automatically so will not show up in Google Receipt Manager 

While you are enrolled in the Receipt scanning program, you can also manage your receipt data directly in the Opinion Rewards app:

Settings > Receipt Sharing > Manage Receipts in Google Receipt Manager

Being enrolled in the Receipt scanning program means that you have:

  1. Installed the Opinion Rewards app (Android), and
  2. Created an Opinion Rewards account, and
  3. Received and accepted an invitation to the Receipts scanning program.

Opting out

You can opt out of Receipt scanning in the Opinion Rewards app (Android):

Settings > Receipt Sharing > Opt out of receipt sharing.

Opinion Rewards: Settings page with links to delete receipts and opt-out.

Figure 5: Settings page with links to delete receipts and opt out.


Frequently asked questions.

  • Q. When do I get paid?
  • A. You get paid when you complete the receipt task.
  • Q. How much can I earn?
  • A. The amount you earn will vary on the type and amount of receipt tasks you complete. This amount is subject to change at any time.
  • Q. What stores do you support?
  • A. Shop as you normally would and we'll notify you when to add a receipt in the Opinion Rewards app.

  • Q. What kind of receipts are accepted?
  • A. Only physical/paper receipts are accepted at this time. The receipt must clearly display the vendor name, address, line items, and total amount. Scan receipts with your phone's camera directly in the Opinion Rewards app or add receipt photos from your photo gallery.

  • Q. Why do I see locations I didn't visit?

  • A. Location technology isn't perfect, so we sometimes guess wrong. If we ask for a receipt from an incorrect retailer, simply tap More More on the receipt task, then "I didn’t visit this store." Providing your feedback helps us improve Opinion Rewards.

  • Q. When do receipt tasks expire?
  • A. All receipt tasks expire in seven (7) days.

  • Q. How do I turn on location history?
  • A. Go to Settings > Google Location History > and then tap the "Location History" slider.

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