Accessibility for Opinion Rewards on Android

The Google Opinion Rewards app is compatible with the TalkBack screen reader on Android. You can use TalkBack to dictate survey questions and answers.

If TalkBack isn't already enabled on your Android device, you can enable TalkBack in Settings under Accessibility. To find detailed instructions for your device, visit the TalkBack setup help center.

Once TalkBack is enabled, you can navigate the Opinion Rewards app using standard TalkBack navigation gestures and touch exploration. The following articles contain more information about using TalkBack:

The sections below provide specific tips for the Opinion Rewards app.


Download the app
  1. Navigate to the Play Store on your device
  2. Double-tap the search bar and search for Opinion Rewards by text or voice
  3. Double-tap the Google Opinion Rewards app
  4. Double-tap the Install button

The Opinion Rewards app can also be uninstalled by following the instructions above and click Uninstall in the final step.

Take a survey

When a survey is available, you'll receive a notification on your lock screen and in the status bar at the top of your device's screen. To take a survey using TalkBack, follow the voice instructions.

Video and image surveys

Please note that the Google Surveys product allows survey creators to create video and image surveys to be targeted to users via Google Opinion Rewards.

With video surveys, you'll be asked to listen to and watch a short video and then answer questions related to the video content. The survey creator provides the video from YouTube, so it may or may not be captioned. While we encourage our survey creators to add captions to all of their videos, this may not always be the case.

For image surveys, the survey creator may be attempting to compare new brand logos or assess your response to a specific image. When an image survey is created, we ask the survey creator to enter descriptive text for their image. This is what will be read by TalkBack.

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