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The information you provide via the Google Opinion Rewards app is collected from market researchers who run surveys through Google Consumer Surveys. Unless otherwise stated at the beginning of a survey, the answers you provide are anonymous and aggregated. Please see the answers to some of our most frequently asked privacy questions below.


Are my answers used to target ads?
The ads a user sees will not change as a result of their answers to survey questions. The information collected through some surveys, when aggregated with other users’ answers, may be used to help Google improve the ads we show across the web including by showing more relevant ads to users based on their interests and demographics.
What is the source of the demographic data in the app?
Google Opinion Rewards will ask users a series of demographic questions, such as age, gender and zip or postal code, as a part of their first survey questions.
What options do researchers have when targeting their questions?
Businesses can limit their questions to audiences based on demographics (age, gender, and/or region, province or state). For example, a regional women’s clothing store may want to limit their respondents to women in the relevant part of the country.
What information is shared with the company that runs the survey?
Companies that run surveys receive aggregated response data as well as the ability to segment their results by inferred demographics. Certain surveys, such as local surveys, may ask your permission to post a review, but unless otherwise stated, there is no personally identifiable information collected about respondents.
What do you do to screen questions on sensitive topics?
Questions must comply with our our Program Policies. As a part of these policies, questions that contain mature content, hateful or intolerant speech, or vulgar language will not be allowed.


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