Step 7: Start and End of a Project

Start Date

In this field, choose the date you want the project to go live. If you want to receive donations immediately, set the start date for tomorrow. Otherwise you can select a future date and it will be programmed to wait accordingly.

End of Project

There are two ways to terminate a project. The project will stop running on One Today on the Termination Date, or once you reach your Fundraising Goal, whichever comes first.

Termination Date: Select the date you want the campaign to end.

Fundraising Goal: This can be as large or small as you’d like, but we recommend that you keep it in the $500 - $10,000 range. It could take a few weeks to raise $500, so you can use that to gauge how many weeks/months you want to leave it up. Once it's deployed to the app, Google will keep track of the donations you receive, and send you the funds on a monthly basis.

If you have only a few key projects that are important to your organization, you can set them to have a large fundraising goal and long duration.