Step 5: Project Description

In less than 400 characters, describe your project, how it’s solving a problem, and where the work is taking place (geographically). Focus on the specific service or initiative for which you’d like to fundraise and share details (e.g., who benefits, exactly what they receive, or success rate if the program has been in place a while, etc.). Don’t describe what your organization does at large.


  • Refer to your organization in first person to make the project personal. (e.g., "We work with childrent to...")
  • Share success rates if the project has been in place for a while. (e.g., "100% of program participants graduate from high school, and 93% go on to attend college.")


  • "Every year, we offer scholarships to 25 students to attend our global conference where they get advice from 50 world-class mentors, relationships with 30 impact investment funds, and pitch to hundreds of potential investors."
  • "We will deliver mosquito nets to rural areas of Africa. Since the program has started in 1999, we’ve delivered over 1,000 nets per year and contributed to reducing the malaria mortality rate by 10% in the region."


Description Examples
Don’t ask for help or money. One Today already does that for you. "We need your support in...", "Please donate to...", "Please help us..."
Don’t describe what your organization does in general. (This can be included in your nonprofit description instead.) "We turn at-risk youth into future leaders who will go on to serve as role models for other at-risk youth."
Don't include any URLs. "You can find more information at"

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