Step 2: Project Image

Use a high quality image (a photo, not a graphic image) which describes your project. Photos must be clear and in focus, and it should be at least 720 pixels wide by 1,036 pixels tall. Be sure you have legal rights to the photos you submit. If you want to include attribution, please include it in the photo itself.


  • Use a photo with an uplifting, happy or hopeful tone. Donors respond best to photos with smiles. Some photos may be more sensitive than others (e.g., photos of starving children, neglected animals, etc.) We reserve the right to mark such projects as "sensitive", in which case only users who opt-in for such projects will see them.
  • Try including the main part of the image within the center 1/3 of the photo (see the image below.) This will allow us to display the photo in an optimal way on the web as well as on the app.

Image example

image example


  • Don’t use photos which are fuzzy or out-of-focus.
  • Don’t use a skewed or stretched image.
  • Don’t use photos which have text, frames, or other effects. (Small watermarks crediting the photographer are ok)
  • Don’t use multiple photos edited together.
  • Don’t use your organization’s logo.
  • Don't use a graphic/animated image

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