Developing Project Ideas

Thinking of specific projects may require some planning. Here are recommended steps for coming up with a compelling One Today project idea:

  1. Think of your core programs and all the initiatives they contain. For each of these, think about all of the services that you offer and their associated costs. Each service can be its own project.
  2. Break down each product or service to its core components. This will help you create fundraising projects where the impact of one dollar will stretch further. For example, instead of fundraising for a $10,000 documentary, request funds for smaller elements like the costs of video streaming, script writing, or traveling to film sites.
  3. If your organization has a few core offerings, segment them into multiple projects (e.g., by issue, region, or demography.)
  4. When choosing projects for One Today, choose ones that will be most exciting to donors and give users real examples of how every dollar can have a strong impact. Please note that projects are examples of areas where your organization has a specific need for funding, but donor funds aren't restricted, so funds can be used as needed.


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