Step 1. Project Name

In less than 40 characters, please describe the call to action for donors (i.e., what they will be able to achieve if they donate to your project.) Use unique titles with keywords which donors care about.


  • "Create Opportunities for At-Risk Youth"
  • "Spread Literacy in Bhutan"
  • "Give Women Tools to Become Urban Farmers"


Description Examples
Don’t include an exclamation mark. "Let’s build a well!!"
Don’t use esoteric titles. "DACA Information Campaign"
Don’t use dates. "2012 Toy Collection for Needy Children"
Don’t use generic words such as “Help” or “Support”. "Help Women Earn an Income"
Don’t include your organization name. "’s Giving Campaign"
Don’t include dollar signs ($). "Raise $$$ for the new wells in Ghana"

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