Content Policies and Editorial Guidelines

Content Policies

All the content submitted to One Today must comply with the Google Play Developer Program Policies. Failure to comply with these policies may result in your project/s being suspended or terminated, or closure of your Google One Today account.

Editorial Guidelines

The guidelines listed below play an important role in maintaining a positive experience for everyone using One Today. Before you submit your project for review, please check that it complies with the following guidelines so that it appears successfully on One Today.

  • Grammar and Spelling:Text must be in English and must meet basic grammar requirements including proper spelling, punctuation, and spacing. Do not use excessive or unnecessary numbers and symbols, or gimmicky punctuation.
  • Solicitation: Keep in mind that One Today is already designed to facilitate user donations to charitable causes. Projects that repeatedly solicit or demand donations (e.g., "Help us", "Support us", "Give to", etc.) within their project text are not allowed.
  • Deceptive or Misleading Content: Do not post content that would mislead or deceive the average user.
  • Picture Quality: Pictures should be clear, in focus, and appear unedited. Do not use photos that have text or watermarks, or are multiple photos edited together.
  • Duplicate Content: You can submit multiple projects, but each project must be unique.