Dec 8, 2023

What's new

  • Increased source limit: Notebooks can now include up to 20 sources.

  • Increased word count: Sources can now include up to 200,000 words.

  • Write individual notes: Adding a note will now create an independent new note instead of adding to a single notepad.

  • Noteboard: You can now see all your written and saved notes pinned to the Noteboard space above the chat box.

  • Save chat responses as notes. NotebookLM responses can be pinned to the noteboard for your reference later.

  • Citations saved to notes. When chat responses are saved as notes, it retains the original citations.

  • Jump to citation in source. Clicking on the citation number in a chat response or a saved note immediately takes you to the original quote in the source.

  • Expand/collapse source section. You can now hide the source if you want to concentrate exclusively on note-taking.

  • Focus the AI on selected sources. You can chat with a specific set of sources in your notebook by selecting them individually in the source sidebar.

  • Source guides integrated into individual sources. Source guides, including summaries and key topics, now appear at the top of each source in the source sidebar.

  • Shared notebooks: Notebooks can be shared in both viewer and editor modes. Viewer simply shares your assembled sources; editor lets you collaborate on creating notes.

  • Suggested questions: NotebookLM now automatically suggests followup questions for you, based on your recent conversation history and the content of your sources.

  • PDF support: PDFs can now be uploaded as sources in NotebookLM, up to 100MB or the word limit.

  • Copied text support: You can now copy and paste text to create a new source and add/edit the title upon creation.

  • Example notebooks: Learn more about how to use Notebook before uploading your own sources. See example notes and try Q&A questions.

  • [Coming next week] Suggested actions. NotebookLM gives you a palette of preselected actions that can be used to transform selected text or notes. (Currently only supporting selected notes.) Initial suggested actions include:

    • Combine to a single note. Gather all your notes into a single unified note with one click.

    • Critique. Ask NotebookLM to give you constructive feedback on your prose or argument.

    • Summarize. Create a concise, easy-to-read overview of the content of multiple notes. 

    • Create outline. Convert your selected notes into an outline, organized around topics.

    • Create study guide. Create an on-the-fly study guide based on your notes, including key questions and a glossary.

    • Suggest related ideas. NotebookLM can prompt you with related ideas from your sources based on the content of the selected notes.

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