About suspended accounts

We take legal requirements and user safety very seriously, so account suspensions are related to actions that could put Google, its partners, or its users at risk, or are otherwise in violation of Google’s terms or policies. Google for Nonprofit accounts and associated product accounts may be suspended if the user violates the Google for Nonprofits Terms of Service or the legal terms or policies provided by individual products offered through Google for Nonprofits, such as G Suite, Google Ads, Maps, and YouTube (together referred to as “Terms & Policies”). Any Google for Nonprofits account found in violation of Terms & Policies is subject to automatic suspension without notification. 

Suspended Google for Nonprofits accounts will be unable to activate new products or re-activate existing Google products. 

Common reasons for account suspension

Product policy violation

Some policies, such as Abusing the ad network and Misrepresentation, are sensitive enough that violations may result in Ad Grants suspension and Google for Nonprofits suspension

Organization loss of nonprofit status

If an organization loses its nonprofit status under the laws of its country, the associated Google for Nonprofits account is subject to being suspended. 

Organization does not meet Google for Nonprofits eligibility criteria

If an organization is found to not meet the Google for Nonprofits eligibility criteria, the associated Google for Nonprofits account is subject to being suspended. 

Organization needs re-verification

If your organization was registered with Google for Nonprofits before 2016, we may ask for you to reverify your organization by requesting a new Google for Nonprofits account

Repeated violations

If a user repeatedly violates Terms & Policies, the Google for Nonprofits account may be suspended.

Prevent a suspension

The best way to prevent an account suspension is to promptly address violations of Terms & Policies, including for activated products in your Google for Nonprofits account and to make sure your organization retains its nonprofit status and is in good standing under the laws of your country. If you think your ad was incorrectly disapproved, let us know.

Keep your contact information current in your Google for Nonprofit account and for activated products so you receive timely notifications of issues affecting your account.

Finally, make sure that you’re doing everything you can to keep your account secure by monitoring user profiles, checking your systems for malware, and using strong authentication. Learn more about how to keep your account secure.

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