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Using a paid AdWords account

Google Ad Grants recipients are allowed to run a second, paid AdWords account alongside their Ad Grants account. Grantees may want a second, paid account to have more control over bidding and budgeting, run their ads outside of Google Search, and use other ad formats beyond text ads.

Please note that to protect the value and diversity of the ads people see on Google, we generally discourage advertisers from running ads for the same or similar businesses across multiple accounts triggered by the same or similar keywords. This policy, known as "double serving," prevents multiple ads from the same or commonly-owned company from appearing on the same search results page.

Furthermore, you cannot convert a regular AdWords account that contains billing and payment information into a Google Ad Grants account. If you'd like to close your paid account and only have a Google Ad Grants account, you can use the AdWords Editor tool to transfer your campaigns. If you already have an AdWords account activated for Google Ad Grants, you can simply transfer the campaigns. If you are not yet a Google Ad Grants recipient, you'll need to create a new account following the instructions in the Account Creation Guide, transfer your campaigns, and then apply to the Google Ad Grants program.

  • Learn how to use AdWords Editor to download a copy of your existing AdWords account.
  • Learn how to move the content of your paid account into a different account.

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