Google Ad Grants activation issues

If your Ad Grants account wasn't eligible for activation, you might need to fix one of these issues before you try again.

  Your account is set to use a currency other than USD.
Google Ads accounts must be set to USD to receive Ad Grants. At this time, it isn't possible to change your currency settings once you've set them. Create a new Google Ads account with the currency set to USD and try activation again.
Your account includes credit card or other billing information.
Create a new Google Ads account with no payment information and try activation again. When creating your new account, skip the billing setup and ignore any messages or notifications suggesting that you submit billing information. Once your account is activated and set up correctly, the billing alerts will disappear.
Your account has features enabled that aren't allowed.
The Google Display Network, Display bids, managed placements, managed placement bids, and automatic bidding are features that can't be used with Ad Grants. Make sure they're turned off and try activation again.

Consult the applicable account creation guide to set up your account correctly.

Once you've fixed any problems, here's how to re-activate a product.

How to re-activate a product

  1. Sign into Google for Nonprofits using your Google for Nonprofits administrator account.
  2. Locate your organization and click Activate products.
  3. Click Resubmit beneath the appropriate product.
  4. Fill out the information needed and click Activate.
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