Create a Google+ Page for your nonprofit

Your Google+ Page is the home of your organization on Google+; make it yours with photos, success stories, information about volunteering and donating, project locations and more. You can follow the steps below to get your organization up and running on Google+.

  1. Create your profile
    • You’ll need to have a Google Account and a personal Google+ profile to create a Google+ Page.  Once logged into your Google+ profile, on the right hand side of your stream, you will see “Create a Page” to begin creating your page.
    • When you create your page, you’ll be asked to select a category, make sure you select “Company, Institution or Organization” to indicate that you’re a nonprofit.
    • To get started, walk through the dialog boxes to set up the basics of your profile including a profile picture and a tagline for your organization.
    • Want more help? Learn more about creating your Google+ Page and editing your profile.
  2. Start posting
    • Want to start the conversation? Make your page engaging so that users want to come back and check what new content you’ve added. You can choose which circles you share info with, so people are only seeing the updates that are the most relevant and interesting to them. Learn more about sharing on Google+.
  3. Grow your Cicles
    • Whenever someone adds you to their Circles, you can add them right back, so spreading the word and encouraging people to add you is a key component of talking to the people who want to hear from you. To view people and pages who aren’t already in your circles but have added you, review your followers on your Google+ page.
    •  Learn more about adding people to your circles.
  4. Follow and Interact with helpful Google+ Pages
    • Follow the latest on Google+ and in the Google for Nonprofits community by adding our official  Google+ team page and the Google for Nonprofits Google+ page to your circles.
    • Interact with our Google+ page by dropping  by for a hangout, reading and commenting on our tips, and letting us know how you’re liking Pages by sharing a post with us.
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