Apply under group exemption

The content in this article applies to US applicants of the Google for Non-Profits programme.

If your organisation has charity status through group exemption provided by a parent organisation, you may still be eligible for membership in the Google for Nonprofits programme. In addition to the standard eligibility guidelines, the following must also be true:

  1. You must in fact be a separate branch covered through group exemption. Fiscally sponsored organisations and separate departments within the same organisation are not eligible.
  2. We must be able to validate from public documents that your organisation is covered by a qualified parent organisation through group exemption.

To apply, please go to the Google for Nonprofits application page and enter your organisation’s EIN number. If there are other Google for Nonprofits members registered with the same EIN, you will see the page below. Please do not request ownership of these applications. Instead, click 'Create New Application' and complete the application form. Be sure to enter your own organisation's information.

If accepted, your organisation will be able to enrol in Google for Nonprofits offerings independently of the other registered branches of your organisation.

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