Google Workspace, coming soon to nonprofits!

G Suite has been reimagined, renamed, and redefined as Google Workspace.

Google Workspace thoughtfully brings together everything you need to do your best work. Create, connect, and collaborate more effectively to bring out the best version of your nonprofit.


What’s changing for nonprofits?

Right now, nothing! Google Workspace will be coming soon to nonprofit organizations through the Google for Nonprofits program.


Is G Suite for Nonprofits going away?

No! Google for Nonprofits will continue to provide eligible nonprofit organizations with access to G Suite offers, including G Suite for Nonprofits and discounts for G Suite Business and Enterprise. Our G Suite offer pricing isn’t changing. Review the full list of features associated with each G Suite offer.

Eligible nonprofits can activate G Suite for Nonprofits or the discounted G Suite Business or Enterprise offers through their Google for Nonprofits account. G Suite offers will continue to provide 24/7 customer support.


Can my nonprofit get access to discounted Google Workspace offers through Google for Nonprofits?

At this time Google Workspace editions do not have nonprofit-specific discounts. We’re working on bringing the best of Google Workspace to the Google for Nonprofits program, but in the meantime there are paths to migrate from Google Workspace to nonprofit-specific pricing for G Suite offers. Learn how to activate G Suite offers.

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