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Preset Manager

The Output Sharpening Preset Manager provides photographers with the ability to create and save presets for quick and easy applications of output sharpening. Saving a preset in the Output Sharpener filter will retain all sharpening information set in the Output Sharpening and in the Creative Sharpening; controls within the Selective Sharpening section will not be retained.

1 Preset List
Any custom preset you have created will appear here. Simply click on your desired preset to apply it to the image.

2 Delete Button
Roll over a preset to display this button. Click on the Delete button to remove the preset from the list of available presets.

3 Update Button
Roll over a preset to display the update button. Click on the Update button to update the preset with the current settings in Output Sharpening and Creative Sharpening.

4 Add New Preset
To create an Output Sharpening Preset, set the Output Sharpening controls, then apply any global creative sharpening with the Creative Sharpening controls, and finally click Add New Preset.

Image by Jay Goodrich

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