RAW Presharpener Tour

Interface Controls

1 View Modes

Single Image View: In this view, the image is displayed with the sharpening applied across the Image Preview area.
Split View: The image is displayed with a red line running either vertically or horizontally through it.
Side-by-side View: In this view, two separate previews appear. The previews are linked for zooming and panning. This lets you see the before- and after-images as a whole, or at the fine detail level.

2 Preview
The Preview function enables you to toggle on and off a preview of filter effects applied to the active image. Check the Preview checkbox to display the effects, and uncheck the box to hide them.

3 Preview Modes
The RAW Presharpener offers different modes to preview the sharpening effect on your image. These previews can help you determine where the sharpening has been applied by the selective tools as well as to preview to the final output sharpening result. The RAW Presharpener provides the following controls within the Preview Modes pull-down menu:

Sharpened Image: In this default mode, the image will be displayed with the sharpening effect applied.
Effect Overlay: The original image appears with an overlay showing where the selective sharpening effect is applied, according to the color ranges or control points added to the image. You can adjust the filter controls or control points while in the Effect Overlay mode. A red overlay indicates those areas enhanced by the filter; no visible overlay (i.e., the original colors of the image) indicates unaffected areas.
Effect Mask: This mode displays the mask created automatically by the color ranges and the control points used in the image. You can adjust the filter controls or control points while in the Effect Mask mode. White indicates those areas enhanced by the filter, black indicates unaffected areas, and gray indicates moderately affected areas.

4 Select
The Select Tool lets you select and interact with control points that are added during the filter selection and editing process.

5 Zoom
The Zoom Tool lets you zoom in and out of your image. After selecting the tool, click on the area of the image within the interface that you want to zoom in to.

6 Pan
The Pan Tool lets you reposition your image while zoomed into the 100% or 300% views.

7 Background Selector
The Background Selector Tool lets you toggle the background color between Light Gray, Middle Gray, and Dark Gray.

Image by Jay Goodrich

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