Silver Efex Pro 2 Tour

Interface Controls

1 View Modes

Single Image View: In this view, the image is displayed with the analog effect applied across the Image Preview area.
Split View: The image is displayed with a red line running either vertically or horizontally through it, with the original on one side and the edits on the other.
Side-by-side View: In this view, two separate previews appear. The previews are linked for zooming and panning. This lets you see the before- and after-images as a whole, or at the fine detail level.

2 Compare
The Compare button lets you toggle on and off a preview of the image state selected by the History State selector found in the History Browser and your edited image. Press and release this button to toggle between the two states.

The Compare button is only available in the Single Image View mode.

3 Zoom Tool
The Zoom tool enables you to zoom into your photo. Clicking on the Zoom tool will immediately zoom into the zoom value selected (100% by default). After zooming into your photo, the Navigator will be displayed which enables you to click and pan on a bird’s eye view of your photo.

4 Background Selector Tool
The Background Selector tool lets you change the color of the background surrounding the image. The three choices are white, gray, and black.

5 Palette Display Tool
The Palette Display tool lets you toggle the control palettes on and off in the interface. Turning off the control palettes provides an uncluttered working space to review your images.

Image by Piper Mackay

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