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Tool Combinations

AEP2 Interface Tour and Basic Workflow

Tool combinations allow you to quickly transform your image using a sequence of tools. Analog Efex Pro 2 offers 10 different tool combinations, for achieving beautiful results quickly. You can then use the Camera Kit to add tools on top of one of the tool combinations, or use it to create your own stack of tools. Watch the video for information on how to use the tool combinations. Or, learn more details about the available tool combinations below.

Classic Camera
Before After

The most subtle of the cameras within Analog Efex Pro 2, Classic Camera transforms the digital image to something that looks as if it were captured on film. The Classic Camera was created to simulate the effect of shooting film without any major camera problems or film maladies, and includes the following filters: Basic Adjustments, Dirt & Scratches, Lens Vignette and Film Type.

Image by Alan Shapiro

Black and White
Before After

The most traditional and beloved of photographic styles, Black and White photography can make any scene gallery-worthy. With Analog Efex Pro 2, you can create darkroom-quality black and white images with your digital camera, no chemicals required! Develop your image using Basic Adjustments, Dirt & Scratches, Lens Vignette, Film Type, Frames and Levels & Curves.

Image by Ronald Wotzlaw

Color Cast
Before After

The most versatile of the Analog Efex Pro 2 Cameras, Color Cast offers subtle, yet creative, changes to the color and light in your images with a variety of film types and light leaks. Get vintage, cinematic, or dream-like color effects that draw your viewers in. Enhance portraits, landscapes, food photos and more with this clever camera.

Image by Allison Malone

Before After

Infusing a sense of motion within your photos can do wonders to add visual appeal and intrigue. The Motion camera in Analog Efex Pro 2 allows you to easily create the visual effect of motion on any image. With this camera, control Basic Adjustments, Zoom & Rotate Blur, Motion Blur, Lens Vignette and Film Type.

Image by Vincent Mo

Wet Plate
Before After

Simulate the look of industry-leading technology from the mid- to late- 1800s. The historic wet plate photographic process has a very low sensitivity to light, and therefore images created with this process had very long exposure times, a short depth of field, or a combination of both of these characteristics. This, paired with the tendency for the emulsion to scratch or flake off of the glass or metal it was created on, results in a distinctive look. Simulate this look yourself with the following filters: Basic Adjustments, Bokeh, Dirt & Scratches, Photo Plate, Lens Vignette and Film Type.

Image by Deb Sandidge

Subtle Bokeh
Before After

A lens vignette and a shallow depth of field are two of the most effective ways to bring focus to a subject. With the Subtle Bokeh camera, the power of these two enhancements combine, resulting in an image with a natural and compelling analog effect.

Image by Chandra Raghavan

Double Exposure
Before After

Embrace the unexpected, and often amazing, results of double exposed images, a phenomenon that can occur in analog cameras when the film is not advanced after an exposure is taken. Though it may often occur by accident, many photographers have grown to love the dynamic effects created by this technical mishap, even creating the effect on purpose during the printing process in the darkroom. Now, easily create the effect yourself by layering images or textures with the Double Exposure camera in Analog Efex Pro 2, using Basic Adjustments, Bokeh, Double Exposure, Light Leaks, Lens Vignette and Film Type.

Image by Brian Matiash

Toy Camera
Before After

Toy cameras and their inherently soft, dreamy and often distorted images transcend typical standards of photography with a carefree feel. The Toy Camera within Analog Efex Pro 2 simulates capturing images on film with a camera equipped with a plastic or low-quality glass lens by utilizing the following filters: Basic Adjustments, Lens Distortion, Zoom & Rotate Blur, Lens Vignette and Film Type.

Image by Zach Petschek

Vintage Camera
Before After

Emulate the characteristics of a camera hidden and degrading in your grandmother's attic with light leaks, interesting focus tendencies, vignetting and more. The difference is the control you have over the image in Analog Efex Pro 2, as opposed to the surprise and randomness of shooting film with a deteriorating camera. Get the look with the following filters: Basic Adjustments, Bokeh, Light Leaks, Lens Vignette, Film Type and Frames.

Jeremy Joslin

Before After

A popular style of toy cameras, multilens cameras capture multi-frame layouts in a single print, with a single shutter click. The Multilens Camera in Analog Efex Pro 2 allows you to do the same, again with just one click! Highlight and stylize three or four unique aspects of a single image, utilizing the most popular traits of a toy camera: Basic Adjustments, Lens Distortion, Dirt & Scratches, Film Type and Multilens.

Image by Brian Matiash

Camera Kit
Before After

Build your own camera reminiscent of bygone days with the Camera Kit. With 14 filters to choose from, discover thousands of combinations and endless creativity.

Image by Allison Malone

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