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Apply the Bokeh filter to creatively control the focus of the image. Use the on-image placement control to adjust the size and shape of the blurred area or to move the focus off center, if desired.

Filter Settings Panel Description

Blur Mode: Choose between an elliptical or tilt-shift blur.
Blur Strength: Controls the amount of blur that is applied to your photo.
Boost Highlights: Increases the strength of the highlights within the blurred area.
Aperture Shape: Click the arrows to choose between several shapes that apply to the blurred highlights.
Aperture Rotation: Adjusts the angle at which the aperture shape is set.
Aperture Variation: Slide to the left for a concave aperture shape, or slide to the right for a convex shape.


To see the Bokeh filter in action, see below:

Analog Efex Pro 2--Inside your Camera Kit: The Bokeh Tool

Image by Matthew Brucker

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