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Levels and Curves are some of the most often used tools to adjust brightness and tonality in an image. This filter allows you to fine tune your basic brightness and contrast adjustments.

Filter Settings Panel Description

Channel: Enables you to select which channel to adjust the tonality of. In addition to the RGB, Red, Green, and Blue channels typically provided in a Curve dialog, the Levels & Curves filter also provides a Luminosity channel, making it possible to adjust the brightness and contrast of your photo without affecting the colors.
Opacity: Controls the degree to which the filter is added to your photo.
Tone Curve: Click to add anchor points to the curve directly. Double-click on an anchor point to remove that point.
Levels Slider: Drag the black point, white point, or midtone sliders to adjust the tone levels.


To see the Levels & Curves filter in action, see below:

Analog Efex Pro 2--Inside your Camera Kit: The Levels & Curves Tool

Image by Barry Blanchard

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