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A newly re-imagined version of the Sunshine filter, the Sunlight filter adds light and warmth into any image. Use this filter to make any image look like it was taken on a warm, sunny day.


Filter Settings Panel Description

Light Strength: Controls the amount of light added into the shadows of the image. Reduce the slider to create a high contrast photo or increase this slider to provide warm light into the entire photo.
Light Temperature: Controls the temperature of the light added into the image. Move to the left to increase the warmth of the light or to the right to reduce the warmth, making the light cooler.
Brightness: Controls the overall brightness of your photo.
Contrast: Controls the overall contrast of your photo.
Saturation: Controls the vibrancy of colors throughout your photo.

Image by Don Smith


For more information regarding the Sunlight filter, please watch the video below:

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