Polaroid Transfer

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Simulates the effect of using Polaroid peel-apart films and transferring the nascent image to paper before it has fully developed. The result is a low-contrast, low-saturation version of the image, with subtle shifts to the colors throughout the image.


Filter Settings Panel Description

Border: Adds a textured border around the image. When the slider is set to 0, the full image is displayed.
Texture: Controls the addition of paper texture to the image.
Outer Color: Adds elements of the original image back to the border area. The higher the value of this slider, the more of the color of the original image that is added to areas created by use of the Border slider.
Saturation: Controls the amount of the original image's colors that are retained.
Smear: Controls the degree of the filter's softening technique.
Tear Off: Simulates the effect of portions of the image tearing off during the transfer process. Move this slider to 0 to prevent any details from being removed from the image.

Image by Gary Rosenfeld


For more information regarding the Polaroid Transfer filter, please watch the video below:

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