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Use the Image Borders filter to add a unique, natural, and random image borders to your photos. This filter uses Nik's proprietary technologies to create image borders that are infinitely variable and yet incredibly organic.


Filter Settings Panel Description

Size: Controls the size of the border added to the image. Tip: The image border will always remove some area from your image.To avoid cropping some part of your image while adding an image border, use a pixel editing application such as Photoshop to increase the canvas size of the image and apply a black border around the image. Then, use the Size slider to create the desired overlap of image border and black border.
Spread: Controls the depth of the border added. Moving this slider to the right causes the image border's details to stretch farther into the image.
Clean/Rough: Controls the random details added around the image. Moving the slider to the right (towards Rough) creates more random details to be added into the border creating a more stylistic border.
Vary Border: Clicking on the Vary Border button randomly selects a different border seed number. This border seed number creates a different randomized border effect for each number, providing a wide range of results. To create the exact same border each time, make sure to remark the settings for the Size, Spread, Clean/Rough, and seed number. To get a similar but different border for each image, use the same Size, Spread, and Clean/Rough values but a different seed number.

Image by Frank Salas


For more information regarding the Image Borders filter, please watch the video below:

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