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Simulates the application of a vignette in the darkroom.


Filter Settings Panel Description

Vignette Color: Lets you select the color to be used for the vignette. Use the eyedropper to select a color from within your photo, or click on the color patch to access the color picker.
Shape: Use this pull-down menu to select a circle, oval, smooth rectangle, or rough-edged rectangle as the shape of the vignette.
Adapt Edges: Controls the relationship between the shape of the vignette and the image details. The higher the value of this slider, the more the vignette shape integrates itself into your photo.
Transition: Controls how abruptly the vignette blends into the original image details.
Size: Adjusts the area of the image covered by the vignette.
Opacity: Controls the overall strength of the filter.
Place Center: Positions the center of the vignette.

Image by Rodrigo Ortiz


For more information regarding the Vignette filter, please watch the video below:

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