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Simulates the Sabatier (more often referred to as solarization) darkroom process. Use this filter to create a stylistic effect in which some tones and colors are reversed.


Filter Settings Panel Description

Method: Use this pull-down menu to select the type of solarization applied to the image, with a number of different styles for both color and black and white effects.
Saturation: In the color methods, this slider controls the vibrancy of colors throughout your photo. In the black and white methods, this slider controls the saturation of the image prior to the black and white conversion, which adjusts the contrast of the resulting photo.
Elapsed Time: Adjusts the effect in a similar way that photographers in the darkroom would create different results by varying the amount of time in the developer before re-exposing their image.

Image by Rodrigo Ortiz


For more information regarding the Solarization filter, please watch the video below:

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