Low Key

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Enables you to simulate the look of a low key photo, with uniformly dark tones and low contrast. This filter is also helpful to enhance images that were shot as low key images.


Filter Settings Panel Description

Glow: Controls the degree of glow added around objects from the Standard Low Key effect.
Standard Low Key: Adds a low key effect uniformly to the entire image.
Dynamic Low Key: Adds a unique low key effect that changes based on the color and tonality of the original object. This control darkens lighter objects more than dark objects.
Saturation: Controls the overall vibrancy of colors throughout your photo.
Whites: Enables you to emphasize the lightest objects in your photo and ensure some white tones are present, a crucial component in a low key image.
Contrast: Controls the overall contrast of your photo.

Image by Munoz Photography


For more information regarding the Low Key filter, please watch the video below:

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