Film Efex: Faded

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The Faded filter of the Film Efex series provides a unique stylistic effect, simulating old, poorly handled prints.


Filter Settings Panel Description

Brightness: Controls the overall brightness of your photo.
Contrast: Controls the overall contrast of your photo.
Saturation: Controls the vibrancy of colors within your photo.
Haze: Adds a diffusion effect to your image, reducing contrast and softening details.
Vignette: Provides the ability to darken the edges of the image, in a circular shape.
Grain per pixel: Based off of the unique Nik Software Grain Engine, this slider lets you add realistic grain into your photo. Move the slider to the left, decreasing the number of grain elements applied per pixel, to increase the size and visibility of grain throughout your photo. To prevent any grain from being applied to your photo, move the slider completely to the right.
Film Strength: Controls the strength of the unique film stylization applied. To keep the original colors of your photo, move this slider to 0%.
Film Type: Select from a range of different film types, each designed to create a different look and feeling in your photo.

Image by Frank Salas


For more information regarding the Film Efex: Faded filter, please watch the video below:

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