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Provides control over the vibrancy of color within your photo, with the ability to make the image cooler or warmer.


Filter Settings Panel Description

Saturation: Increase or decreases the saturation of colors through your photo.
Warmth: Controls the temperature of the colors in your photo. Move the slider to the left to cool the colors (adding blues), or to the right to warm the colors (adding reds).
Perceptual Saturation: While not increasing the saturation of colors directly, this slider alters the hues of colors slightly to increase the perception of the saturation of those colors. This is done by increasing the complementary color component in surrounding colors, which plays off of the brain's perception of colors in much the same way that perceptual contrast works, where an image appears to have more contrast when placed on a black background.

Image by Mike Moats


For more information regarding the Brilliance/Warmth filter, please watch the video below:

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