B/W Conversion

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Use this filter to transform a color image into a black and white version, with control over the shadows, highlights, and relationships among the original colors. Three different black and white conversion methods are available within this filter, each providing different control over the contrast added to the image: B/W Conversion, Tonal Enhancer, and Dynamic Contrast.


Filter Settings Panel Description

Filter Color: Adjusts the color of the simulated filter and controls the relationship of colors in the image. This lightens objects of that color in the image and darkens objects of the complementary color.
Strength: Slide to the left for less contrast between colors, to the right for more contrast between colors.
Brightness: Controls the overall lightness of the image.
Contrast: Controls the overall contrast of the image.
Method: Provides three options with different types of contrast to help bring out shadow detail or create a high contrast image.

Image by Jim Clark


For more information regarding the B/W Conversion filter, please watch the video below:

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