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How to export custom presets and/or recipes

When reinstalling the software or installing the software to a new computer, it may be necessary to export custom presets and recipes that you have created or imported in order to save them and import them again later. This is also how you would share your presets or recipes with friends and colleagues.

To export presets and recipes, please do the following:

  1. Open an image into the desired plug-in.
  2. Access the recipe you would like to export. (Note: This will only work for the presets and recipes that you have created or imported. The rest of the plug-ins are already built-in to the software.)
  3. Hover the cursor over the thumbnail image of the preset or recipe so that the icons appear, then click the arrow icon in the corner.
  4. Select a destination folder to export the files to and save. The files will end in “.np.”
  5. These exported preset and recipe files are now ready to be imported to the plug-ins.

For more information on creating, importing, and exporting presets and recipes, please watch the video below:

All About Presets and Recipes
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